About Us

A Moose in a Maple Tree Productions is a division of Polyglot Publishing created for children and for those who have a love for all things Canadian.

Our books and CDs are designed and printed in Canada. Yes, it would be less expensive to have our products printed overseas; however we believe that it is important that we support our local economy and also, we prefer to be close to our designers and manufacturers for quality oversight. UPDATE - we have just released a board book edition of A Moose in a Maple Tree and as hard as we tried we were unable to find a printer in Canada. We did manage to find one in Mexico so while the board book is not printed in Canada, it is printed in North America and we will continue to seek a printer in Canada for our next print. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

We are philanthropists at heart and proudly support our Canadian Charities. To date we have donated nearly $20,000 to Variety -The Children's Charity, BC SPCA, Make-A-Wish Canada and we look forward to supporting our newest charity - Coalition for Music Education, with partial proceeds from the sales of our CD being donated to this deserving charity.

Through our books and CDs we aim to educate children and adults about the beauty and diversity of this great nation in a fun and entertaining way. We try to include every corner of the country in the contents of our books and CD. Our stories take readers across Canada visiting each province and territory and the musicians on our CD come from all over Canada with very diverse backgrounds.

About the Author

Troy Townsin  

 Troy Townsin is a proud new Canadian! Born in Melbourne, Australia he worked as an actor and playwright before embarking on a round-the world backpacking extravaganza taking him to six continents. Troy is a man of many talents and has had a wide variety of jobs. He has been a Stage Manager in Australia, a Teacher-Trainer in Thailand, a Beverage Manager in the UK, an Information Officer for the United Nations and a Wine Columnist for CBC radio in Canada. Troy has won several awards for his writing including a prestigious 'Travel Writer of the Year' award with TNT Magazine UK and four Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.


As well as writing the Moose in a Maple Tree collection, Troy has also co-authored a series of cookbooks based on the wineries of British Columbia. The ideas behind his books were conceptualized while he was in the process of becoming a Canadian resident. There was a period of over a year where he was prohibited from working or studying in Canada in accordance with Citizenship and Immigration Canada's regulations. In order to keep himself engaged he began writing books and the Moose in a Maple Tree collection is a celebration of him becoming a Canadian citizen - a process which took five years. Troy fell in love with a Canadian girl, married her and then fell in love with Canada, his new home.


Troy with the Honourable Steven L. Point at his citizenship ceremony

About the Illustrator

Jennifer Harrington


Jennifer Harrington is a Vancouver-born illustrator, author and graphic designer. A trained anthropologist, she now resides in Toronto, Ontario, where she runs Eco Books 4 Kids, a publishing company devoted to creating entertaining, educational children’s books with ecological themes. She is the author of ‘Spirit Bear,’ an entertaining children’s book about the spirit bear, set in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. To learn more about her work, or to purchase a copy of 'Spirit Bear,' please visit www.ecobooks4kids.com.

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